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Sent by real customers
A colourful and quick slimhing!
If you're a fan of Honey B, then you will enjoy watching this scene.

I just think that i have seen have do better, in scenes like Honey Hot and Horny, from House of Slime. This is probable because she uses her fingers to pleasure herself, whilst wearing white slime.

2 out of 5.
-Wheelchairman    7/23/21    
A fun slimy scene, which is worth watching.
This scene starts how the wam movie ends, topless & fighting.

A much better watch overall. If i was going to wrestle eithe Lucy or Sammie B, it would be Sammie, as she could be lighter in weight & it would be more of an even contest.
-Wheelchairman    12/29/20    
A fun slimy scene, which could had been better!
After a slow start, this scene gets much better when Madison Young also goes topless, along with Angel. Shame that it wasn't longer, as they're just getting into by the end. Then maybe, they could have ended up naked & using dildos on each other as well as rolling around in the slime.
-Wheelchairman    12/29/20    
Fi Stevens enjoying getting slimed in a nurses uniform. Great
Boob Doctor 3 as to be the best of the 3 to date. Dr Sammie is back & gets up close & personal, with her nurse, nurse Fi Stevens. As she shows nurse Fi how to do the treatment herself.

I do wonder & hope that there maybe be Boob Doctors, at somepoint in the future. However, as it has been some years since this one, i doubt it may make a return, but here's hoping!
-Wheelchairman    12/29/20    
Big Boobs and Green and Yellow Slime
So Sammie B is back in this video, giving the slime treatment to Angel. This one in the series is, slightly more enjoyable to watch, as the sound is clearer. So you can hear them speak clearly. I was wondering when watching this 12 minute video, what has happened to Angel? As she was the original messy angel & now she seems to have left the scene, like Lauren, who was caught in Trash Can Alley.
-Wheelchairman    12/29/20    
Becky Speed gets medical help, from Dr Sammie
A good scene, if you like women with big boobs getting covered in slime. However, maybe due to the sound at the start, the reason for the scene wasn't made clear at the outset. If it was, then the scene & then the following 2 scenes in this se3ries, would make more sense.
-Wheelchairman    12/28/20    
Fi Stevens enjoying getting slimed once again
The Happy Hooker is a good fun turn on able scene. Fi Stevens does what she does best, which is to turn you on, by just being herself. Getting messed up for Fi may not be a job for her, it maybe her hobby that she gets paid for doing. I've been a fan of hers for many years & would love to do a scene with her.
-Wheelchairman    12/28/20    
Lauren getting trashed with hay, beans and peas!
The first & sadly, the only video done by Lauren. It's an interesting little watch, if you enjoy your models getting covered in savory food & hay! I do wonder why she didn't do anymore scenes & wonder what she's doing now? Hopefully she may do a comeback at somepoint, as i'm she we didn't see the best of her in this scene. Hears hoping.
-Wheelchairman    12/28/20    
Great Hazel video with plenty of mess.
Hazel plays to the camera in only the way she can. She gets very messy despite no nudity and teases you the whole time. Great way to spend 20 mins.
-gronk409    7/22/20    
Great video!
Love this video, Elle is exceptionally foxy and takes the mess well. Would love love to have seen more use of mushy peas, it would have been excellent to have her on all fours with mushy peas being rained down on her bare anus.
-MartytheHat    10/8/18    
Fi. Naked. Chocolate. Questions?
Now this was a great surprise! Having been a long-time fan of Fi's and having a pretty thorough knowledge of her messy back catalogue, I can happily say I think this must be a "lost scene", as it's completely new to me. Add to this that she retired in about 2013 anyway, and I'm assuming this is something the Kowalskis recently found on an old hard drive, or similar. Wonderful!

The gorgeous Fi starts in a lovely lbd, which she changes out of, showing her lovely pale body in the process, and into a lovely pink one. From there this scene does what it says on the tin as Fi is repeatedly gunged with thick, gooey chocolate. She steps out of the dress partway through, and then her underwear. And keeps getting covered in more chocolate. Fi, as usual, really seems to be enjoying herself and there are numerous, loving close-ups of her stunning body. The irony about this, as a scene from well-known producers and starring a WAM legend, is that it's almost more mainstream than fetish in the sense that covering a naked woman in chocolate is about as close as the mainstream gets to a WAM fantasy; after all, you can get body chocolate on Amazon!

The only minor gripes I've got (and why I've knocked off one star) are that not quite enough are made of the tubs of chocolate trifle that are dumped over Fi's head at the end--perhaps she could have completed the makeover by "washing her face" with the trifle? and that her pink heels are the one item of clothing she does keep on. I love women's bare feet and know from her shoots with bondage site "Restrained Elegance" that Fi's got beautiful feet, but we sadly don't get to see them.

However, these are only quibbles. Overall, how can you argue with a rediscovered Fi Stevens clip? You can't, and I find it hard to imagine anyone would want to. So that just leaves one rather obvious last question.

Are there any more?
-moreslime    4/14/17    
The most intensely erotic scene ever!
I first saw some screen shots of this video when I stumbled on to a (then) new site back in the days before I had m own computer or credit card. This was the one that my eye kept coming back to the one I knew I must see. Unfortunately by the time I was in a position to download it the video had disappeared without trace from the site, the one that got away. Until it popped up here some 12 years later and Omfg it was worth the wait, every minute of it.

This is the most intensely erotic scene ever, not "that I have ever seen" ever genuinely, properly sexy Dominique is a joy to watch and listen to and Miss T's technique is a delight to behold. I don't really want to say too much more for fear of spoiling the hell of a good time that this video is so I'll simply say this.

Do yourself a favour and buy this video now!
-tribeTNG    4/17/16    
Perfection in 6.8 minuites!
Thank you. Then internet is finally completed.

The perfect scene.

The most beautiful model ever in...

The ideal costume in...

The best substance!

Thank you, You bloody legend! ;D
-wormwam    8/30/15    
Cheeky school girl gets her comeuppance.

Tink looks very cute in her school uniform. Dominique seems to relish punishing the naughty young lady with plenty of mess, she's on the end of gunge, custard and rice pudding (which i particularly enjoyed).

Plenty of giggling and squealing and generally get the impression the girls had a great time shooting this.
-ht123    8/24/15    
Very sexy
Elle looks wonderful tied up with a sexy grin waiting for the gunge looking very keen to get messy (always an attractive look).

Miss T dishes it out with her usual aplomb, slowly pouring more and more mess over the helpless Elle. As she loses each item of clothing she gets covered pretty much from head to toe before wallowing in the gunge as Miss T applies yet more mess.

Loads of gunge poured over a very willing victim, what's not to love?!
-ht123    1/9/15    
Lauren took the trash ally very well.
Lauren took on the trash alley very well, I thought and was quite prepared to get messy whatever came her way, Well done to Lauren and I hope she does more like this type of video again soon.
-IanThorne    7/11/14    
Excellant messy game show.
Well this was Excellant viewing. The game show was so much fun and the two girls took part very well. Much more of these please. Keep up the good messy work.
-IanThorne    10/19/13    
This trilogy offers fantastic value for money. All parts of the great Hannah Lewis trilogy in one purchase.

High standards of production, yet another excellent video from Bound2Bmessy.
-TimMorecambeLancaster    8/11/12    
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